MOH/DHA/GAHS Exams in UAE Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All the health professionals who seek to work in UAE must appear for MOH examination and get qualified for work in UAE. Evaluation of the below categories is done in MOH Examination and separate exams conducted for the following professions.

  1. Nurses and Midwives
  2. Technicians
  3. Physicians, Practitioners and Technicians of the Complementary and Alternative

3 different Health Ministries functioning in UAE, 1)MOH which is Ministry of Health passing the MOH you are allowed to work in 5 emirates but not in Dubai or Abudhabi.2)DHA - Dubai Health Authority (previously known as DHA MS - Department of Health and Medical Services) DHA registration is required for working in Dubai. 3) GAH, which is General Authority of Health Exam or usually know as MOH/Abu Dhabi.

There is no particular syllabus advised for the exam, each professionals have to prepare depends on their specialty, the exam consists of written exam, Practical and Viva. You will get a multiple choice in the written exam. Successful passing of written exam leads to practical and viva and a specialist candidate must pass the viva to qualify for the practical exam.

How many times MOH Exam is conducted?
Exam is conducted twice a year

Re-sitting the MOH test
A candidate can only re-sit the exam twice. If a candidate does not pass in three attempts, he will be disqualified for any post in the Ministry or private. Clinics and exempted even the MOH nonqualified candidates are working in clinics where usually the salary is law)

MOH and finding jobs in UAE
It is the responsibility of the candidates to find a job after he/she is qualified through MOH but the candidates are informed on the opportunities for work. Usually it is not that difficult to secure job after he/she pass the MOH examination

Refer the job section for health care jobs in UAE. Jobs in UAE/jobs in Dubai/Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Try searching the ministry of health website (links at the end of this post), The exam is of 2 part MCQs and if you pass with this they will call you for the interview (Viva).
The doctors can try for a job in private hospitals and apply for a medical license while you are at work. Getting a job in private sector in the UAE is much easier, but working hours are more and pay is less. When you pass with the licence you are allowed to work in Ministry hospitals in the Emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi, these two emirates have a different licensing. The applicants can submit the application in MOH office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. (You can find the address with phone numbers at the end of this post)

MOH exam is held in Dubai, application can either be submitted in MOH office in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. Successful pass of MOH examinations entitled the doctors to take the job in ministry of health hospitals and reputed private hospitals. Your performance in the exam is important you will be evaluated after the exam whether you are qualified to work only in Private hospitals or both private and ministry hospital.

I will explain on the registration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you need to pass the licensing exam of DHA or GAHS to work in work in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi national hospitals respectively. After you pass the DHA or GAHS try applying with the ministry hospitals and private hospitals. They will pass the information regarding the job openings after you qualify the MOH, DHA or the GAHS, but don’t wait for this you can start trying by approaching different hospitals, it’s your responsibility to find a job and successful passing of the exams will support you to get you the job.

The DHA/DHA exam is only panel interview and there is no written exam, but MOH has two parts panel interview and written exam.

A DHA/DHA allows you to work in Dubai while the MOH will qualify you to work in any other emirate besides Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Health care jobs Apply here

For Ministry of health employment the nurses must complete the MOH registration and appear for the exam at ministry.
The following requirements has to be met before you come to Dubai for jobs in Ministry hospitals and other reputed private hospitals in Dubai or other emirates

1. Nursing Registration license
2. Attested certificates of your nursing degree or Diploma
3. 2 yrs Experience

There are specific countries from where applicants are exempted from the ministry’s examination, which is part of registration. Details about those courtiers can be obtained from the federal nursing department at the MOH.

Two important lines are quoted here

  1. Those applying for a nursing job online from overseas through the ministry's website can complete their registration requirements after joining the services here.
  2. Those who are residing here have to complete their registration requirements before applying for a job.

Needed documents for Nurses
The following documents must submit to the Ministry of Health and their files are assess for employment.

  1. A CV, must be in English
  2. Copies of the certificates or degrees
  3. A copy of the school leaving certificate or comparable certificates.
  4. Copy of the current nursing license which should be authorized from the home country of applicant.
  5. Copy of the work experience which is signed by a senior official. The work experience documents include the starting date of employment, date of leaving employment and mention the post held.
  6. A passport copy, including entry permits to the UAE. Those who have a valid residence visa must submit a copy.
  7. Three passport size photos.
  8. Fill in an application form.
  9. All documents must be translated into Arabic.
  10. If the nurse passes the interview and the examination. He or she will be given the post of nurse in accordance with the qualifications.
  11. The job will be at any of the ministry's hospitals, clinics or in any medical district in any of the seven emirates

Medical jobs in Dubai

There is a separate section under UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (TCAM). The exams are conducted 3 times a year.
Next TCAM exam is on 30th of September 2009 and the venue is in Dubai, UAE.
The registration for the examination is on 13th and 14th of September 2009 at MOH centre Karama, Dubai and MOH Office Abu Dhabi

Physiotherapist need to get the license from the Health ministry to work in government hospitals and other reputed hospitals in UAE but many physiotherapist works in small clinics and later apply for the ministry license. For this, you need to find a sponsor who can support you with a job and later apply for the MOH or DHA exam. If you are a diploma holder in physiotherapy the duration of that, not less than 2 years.
Experience required
Required minimum 1 year of experience after B.Sc. or Diploma) [if the experience is from the private sector, it should be at least 2 years

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